It is absolutely natural that you have second thoughts before trying our massage service.

How are other customers enjoying our service?

How do they value their experience with us?

Always fantastic ladies!

"I have tried several of your ladies here in Barcelona —also in Madrid and Ibiza.

All of the ladies I have booked from you have been absolutely fantastic! Always!"

Amazing massage!

"You ladies know how to give an amazing massage!"

Beyond expectations!

"I never thought an erotic massage with happy ending could be so engaging, so hot, so rich in many quality details! Very professional!".

All real pictures!

"I appreciate you guys using quality photographers to display your team. I guess I am not used to this level of quality and honesty.

"And I have good proof these photographs are all real!" They first looked too nice and too beautiful to be real though. Because your ladies ladies look like models. And I want true masseuses and true pictures to choose from. And they all are!"

The guy on the phone told me they are all real. I trusted, ordered my favorite lady and boom! Yes, she is the real lady on the photo!"

Reliable massage service

"I just need to know the truth so I can handle my schedule.

I am used to be tricked everywhere, though. Even here in Barcelona. They say "yes to all" and then they do whatever is convenient to them, without ever asking for my approval.

I thank you for being honest about the availability and the talents of each of your ladies. All your descriptions have always been real".

Honesty rules

"I needed a massage much earlier, but you did not lie about the ETA —estimated time of arrival. Thank you!"

I fell in love

"I requested a lady who was not available at that time. You suggested a different one.

Man was she fierce! I fell in love with her! Same lady next time!"


Deeper satisfaction

"I was used to call escorts for a long time. After your wonderful massage I guess I'm switching to massage! It lasts much longer and I feel a deeper satisfaction".


Word of mouth

"A colleague of mine told me about your amazing service in Barcelona. I first doubted about the whole massage thing —sounds tacky.

After trying you I guess I got addicted. You go girls!"


Premium service

"I am used to pay huge amount of money for very long massage sessions. I only trust very specific premium agencies.

After 4 years of using your services I can only say you are the best in Spain.

All your recommendations about specific ladies have always hit the target!"


Nice conversation

"Masseuses are usually simple ladies. You have proved to work only with extremely nice and polite young ladies. I had amazing conversations with some of them. Even in French! Thank you for filling this gap in the market!"


Changing team

"On one side it's sad I can't have that lady that used to serve me two years ago.

On the other side I can't complain about the new ladies! Terrific!

You keep on offering the best erotic masseuses in Spain!"

Arabic speaking

"I asked you for a lady who can at least understand Arabic. The lady you sent was not only fluent in Arabic but she was totally amazing, beautiful, sexy, and she masters a really hot massage!

I was stunned to have such a nice and upscale private and personalized service!

This is not usual in Spain!"



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