Massage envy

Massage envy us when you feel this need to enjoy a wonderful massage. You can already sense all the warm pressure though, the nice feeling on your skin. And the relaxing effects on your body and mind.

First of all, therapeutic massage is something you already know. Therefore now dare to take a step higher and discover sensual massage.

Massage envy gift cards

Seems like your husband or your wife needs this amazing massage experience today. Why not sharing this special bodywork together?

You can order one masseuse to choose or rather two different masseuses as well. This way you’l have a more individual and intense massage.

Happy endings are included if you wish so.

Check our availability at massage parlors in Barcelona, Ibiza and Madrid!

Massage envy and sensuality

Sensual massages are absolutely amazing! You should try it at least once to know how sweet, how tender and how special these therapies can be!

We are a team of respectful massage professionals. We don’t take anything for granted. And we know how to listen to you. Do you have special requests? Just let us know!

Massage envy franchise

We are no massage franchise. Since we are a team of masseuses and masseurs. We know each other well and are spread on different cities around Spain.

You can find us in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia.

Massage envy in Ibiza

Summer in Ibiza is amazing! What can we tell you if you already know!

The best to it is you can also enjoy a wonderful massage in your finca. We are also available to travel to your luxury apartment. And to this amazing hotel where you are living these days.

Just check the available massage therapists on

Then call us to make your booking: +34618580708

Massage envy in Barcelona

You are about to enjoy an amazing massage. Though you can also choose to discover Tantra massage, sensual massage and other spicy therapies. Right in your hotel room! Yes, we are the best out-call massage service. Finally the best quality massage and the most reliable in Barcelona.

Check our ladies on this website and then call us to place your order: +34618580708

Massage envy in Madrid

Summer can be boring in Madrid. Because the city gets absolutely desert. Everybody quit to the coastline. Asturias and Galicia on the northern coast. Madrid’s inhabitants are fans of Balearic Islands as Ibiza and Mallorca. Either Mediterranean coast as Alicante, Benidorm, Valencia and the Costa Brava in Catalunya are also preferred destinations.

But we always have somebody to serve you in Madrid during the summer!

Please check, choose your lady and call us on +34618580708

See you soon!

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