Love, sex and company

Love, sex and company

Love, sex and company are three different things. We sometimes assume they come together in the same package. While to many other men —and ladies— they are separate experiences.

And sometimes we need three different people to have them all!

Love, sex and company

Three different emotions. So three different people needed, sometimes!

“I have a lover. She is perfect for sex! But just for sex!”

“My wife takes care of me, she is the best company. We are like best friends though”.

“I feel alone and need some intimate company soon”.

“I just want it all in one lady. That’s why I go pro”.

Some men tell us though:

“One thing contains the other, like in those Russian Matryoshkas. Because love contains sex, and sex contains company”.

You can have it in different orders as well.

Enjoy love, sex and company

We know many men just want one aspect of a romantic relationship. It depends very much on the moment though.

“I am feeling horny today. So not really talkative!”

That’s a nice moment to order our erotic Tantra massage!

“You know, I’m craving for some sweetness, some company, but not that regular and effort intense sex though”.

Perfect day for a massage! We can be very sweet, caring and tender. Just as a good friend who can give you exactly the kind of massage you are dreaming of.

“I don’t want sex. Can you understand this? I just want some company. I need to talk to a nice lady”.

No pressure! We can be there in the blinking of an eye!

Love, sex and company for out-call

We work as out-call masseuses. We are used to travel to the best hotels in Barcelona. During this summer we are also serving the best erotic massage in Ibiza, serving the most luxurious hotels, villas and “fincas” on the island.

Massage in Barcelona

Please visit our website and choose the perfect company for you among all of us! Check all the massage prices and possibilities!

Massage in Ibiza

Are you having your special holidays in Ibiza? Just check us out and choose the lady you prefer: erotic Massage Ibiza.

You’ll love all of us!

“I had a hard time choosing a lady among all of you sexy beauties!”

Contact us by phone, Telegram, whatsApp or SMS!

See you soon!

The new outcall massage in Ibiza

Outcall massage Ibiza

Enjoy the best outcall massage in Ibiza during this Summer! As you will soon realise, this is a very convenient service! You’ll save lots of time and stress.

If you like erotic massage this is the real thing! And the good news is you can have it right in your own hotel room.

This is why our name is Outcall massage in Ibiza!

Choose the independent masseuses. We all work together and we are no independent escorts. Out calling is erotic massage!

Outcall massage in Ibiza

It’s now time to enjoy our lush massage therapy in your room. This is an absolutely private and discreet service. The only goal er have is serving you for your pleasure!

Ibiza is booming with tacky escorts this summer though. Protect your personal profile by hiring a professional masseuse instead of picking amateurs on the street. You’ll be much safer. Your health is also a relevant aspect you need to take care of.

You might be the kind of man who strives for quality. So good stuff is what you want to have around you! Then you need to and pick the right services carefully.

The best female therapists!

Please check the updated catalog of the most amazing and sexiest female masseuses serving the best erotic massage in Ibiza!

Tantra outcall massage in Ibiza

We are not only massage therapists. Our calling is sensual massage and erotic massage. So we can use a huge amount of Tantra massage techniques to improve and intensify your sexual excitement.

Because we are able tu build it this very intimate atmosphere right in your hotel room. Of course we bring along everything needed. From massage oils to massage creams, scent sticks, candles and even the right music.

Private massage parlors in Ibiza

We don’t work for massage parlors. Some of us (Mey and Gala) have a private massage studio though. So we can serve you at our places. Please call ahead of time to ensure our availability! We are constantly traveling back and forth to serve villas and hotels.

Massage prices in Ibiza

We can offer you a wide range of choices. Different massage types, from well-being massage to extremely erotic bodywork.

You can also enjoy our hot bodywork for different timings:

  • 60 minutes massage
  • 75 minutes massage
  • 90 minutes massage
  • 120 minutes massage

Prices are proportional.

Book your outcall massage in Ibiza

It is as easy as calling us or sending an SMS with your request. Whenever we are busy we hand the cellular phone to our assistant. He is a wonderful phone valet and he well hand you all the information you need. He knows us well so his recommendations are very accurate and honest.


See you in Ibiza soon!

Please check Hotel Massage as well!

If you are planning a visit to Barcelona please check nude massage in Barcelona.

Enjoy our massage!

Urban massage Barcelona

Urban massage Barcelona

Urban massage Barcelona is what many gentlemen are requesting. Why the hell are they using this name though?

If you are a massage therapist please contact us. Our team needs to expand with more excellent female professional masseuses!

While if you are a customer, please go on reading!

Urban massage

Because big cities usually offer a much wider range of services than smaller towns.

Of course you can’t compare Barcelona to Paris, Delhi,  Hong Kong, Rome, Rio de Janeiro or Manhattan!

Anyway, Barcelona has a growing offer in many departments.

“Urban” is an adjective also used to describe a specific urban lifestyle.

So releasing massage is a relevant part of the urban lifestyle.

Since sometimes gentlemen ask us this:

Are you offering some urban massages?”

Urban massage Barcelona

We guess one of the distinctive assets the urban massages are offering are exactly our advantages.

As the opposite to a Spa on the countryside though. Because Spas far out of town offer other distinctive massage therapies, as you know. Usually linked to restricted diets, the use of alternative therapies and legitimate massage.

While we can travel to wherever you are inside the city.

Are you living in a hotel? Or maybe you rented a private apartment for a long weekend?

Urban lifestyle is our style.

Fresh, efficient, to the point!

No dramas, reliable and always professional service!

Erotic urban massage Barcelona

So now it’s time to talk about the sort of massage we master!

Most of our team members are ladies coming from therapy massage. While some others have an amazingly excellent training in tantric massage.

Recently a customer asked us this:

What is the difference between sensual massage, erotic massage and tantric massage?”

There are more than just one difference, so let’s have a look at it!

Sensual urban massage Barcelona

Sensual massages are soft, slow and peaceful. Though very exciting! Of course there is no pressured used to perform a sensual massage.

In the range of erotic massage this is the lowest level. This is a perfect experience of someone who needs a shy approach to intimate massage. It feels pacific and guilt-free.

Though you could not call it a legitimate massage because it also caresses very personal spots.

Erotic Urban massage Barcelona

Eroticism is a bit sexier and daring than sensual. Erotic strokes work on your intimate parts with no sense of guilt, shameless and in a very natural way.

What is erotic massage?

Tantric Urban massage Barcelona

Te difference between Tantric bodywork and all other massage is about awareness. Some call it mindful massage, but Tantra goes much further. Because no other massage style achieves the level of intimate connection between the giver and the receiver of this fascinating experience!

Urban massage Spain

Yes, we cal also serve you in other cities in Spain!

Erotic Massage in Ibiza

Sensual bodywork in Madrid

If you are in Marbella please call us. Because sometimes we have available ladies in Mrabella.

Contact us

It is as easy as sending us an SMS or placing a voice call!

Please call +34 618 58 07 08

We accept last minute calls until midnight.

Though we can serve you later if you set up a booking before 11 PM.

For days in advance reservations please use SMS or our e-mail.

Etiquette for outcall massage

Etiquette for outcall massage

Etiquette for outcall massage —is it really used as it should? There are some do’s and don’ts professional masseuses need to know. Especially when serving outcall massages to hotels!

We are the most elegant and reliable erotic massage service in Barcelona and in Madrid. Because we know about etiquette!

Proof is we are serving the most demanding business men. Besides, the ones that live at the W Hotel, Mandarin Hotel, Arts Hotel, Palace Hotel and many other five stars hotels in Barcelona.

Etiquette for outcall massage: what for?

Prestige comes as the earned result after using the right ways for a long time.

Being educated and polite is not enough though. You have to know where you are and who you are talking to. All of us masseuse are aware of this.

You know our job is also a very special one.

Etiquette for outcall massage and discretion

We are serving all the most amazing, beautiful and elegant hotels in Barcelona. So we can’t just act like random escorts. We are also aware of the surroundings.  Some specific training is helpful to deal with the highest range of successful businessmen.

  • Discretion
  • Politeness
  • Languages
  • Dress code
  • Vocabulary

Professional etiquette for outcall massage

Outcall massage is not just getting into your room, saying “hi” and starting a massage.

Check our ladies here:

Because all of us speak English among many other languages. Many of us have experience not only in legitimate massages and therapy massage. But also on customer service, professional translation or public relations.

Some of us have been modelling and are still modelling for international agencies.

Etiquette for outcall massage in Barcelona

Last but not least, there are many things to have in mind even before traveling to a hotel.

  • Greet cheerfully but in control: be natural!
  • Be straightforward: our goal is performing a massage, not just having a glass of wine or chit-chatting around
  • Prepare the massage surface correctly
  • Listen to our customers suggestions and limitations
  • We never touch your belongings
  • Your stuff is sacred. We even don’t look at it!
  • Your private conversations are private: we don’t listen to them
  • We remain quiet if somebody is speaking to you

And many more though. Always according to the situation at hand. Because this is what we will proof. Of course if you give us the chance to serve you a blissful erotic Tantra massage!

Etiquette for outcall massage

Because you deserve an amazing massage! Call or send us an SMS: +34 618 580 708

Check our price list.

See you soon in Barcelona!

If you are traveling to Madrid please check also

Out-call massage benefits

Out-call massage benefits

So out-call massage benefits are too many to resist! Since we are proficient in serving hotels in the area of Barcelona.

We also have some very good friends in Madrid. And in Ibiza and Valencia, for example. Please scroll down to check them as well.

Out-call massage benefits

We can’t stress enough the fact that outcall has many more advantages than in-call to a studio. Though we also have a studio in the city center of Barcelona. We’ll also welcome you dearly at our place anytime!

We will give you a courtesy drink for free. As a Cardhu whisky or a premium Gin&Tonic. Please ask us before choosing the massage therapy.

Let’s get back to the benefits of outcall for a start.

First off, the clue is thinking of you and imagining how your life looks like.

And yes, we also know gentlemen’s tight agendas really well! You tell us!

  • Save time
  • Stay in your room
  • Save taxis
  • Use the time to answer e-mails
  • Avoid to be seen in weird studios
  • Plan your life perfectly
  • Sleep in your bed after massage
  • Call room service to order a nice bottle of wine
  • Save time for calm
  • “Share location” to your wife: your hotel, not a brothel!

Besides, there are many immediate benefits. As personal as you wish!

Erotic out-call massage benefits

Because erotic massage is a special bodywork. It is some really intimate experience though. We are including techniques and specific grips as these for instance:

Lastly, please remember we are the true professional masseuses in Barcelona. Call us!

Because you know how to invest your money best!

Out-call massage reservation

Besides, setting up an appointment with us is as easy as this!

Call +34618580708

Or send us an SMS with your request to +34618580708

Your message could be for instance:

“Hi, this is Paul at the Mandarin Hotel on Passeig de Gràcia. Please send me Helena at 10 PM to room #1234 for a 90 minutes 350 € massage session. Cheers!”

Out-call massage benefits in Madrid

You can find our massage ladies in Madrid here:

We also have friends in Ibiza and Valencia:

See you soon, wherever you travel to in Spain!

Valentine present

Valentine present massage

Choosing a Valentine present is sometimes difficult! First, because we might have used all the good ideas before.

And also because the best ideas are really expensive. Are you buying an Apple iPhone 7 or a luxury Apple Watch to your fiancé?

If you know what she really fancies, you might pull your hair. Yes, us ladies are like this! We can’t think of cheap stuff! We just can’t help it!

Well, we are assuming here you did not celebrate the singles day!”

Weekend getaways are also pricey. Especially if you want to make it memorable!

And you can’t just think of a nice hotel without a wonderful massage!

Talking of massage, this is our job. So we know how special a massage moment is for everybody. Tell us about it!

Unique Valentine present

Massage is always a very welcomed present. A moment to forget about troubles, also a moment to feel pampered.

After a massage you feel so well! So in peace with the whole world!

So massage is a unique Valentine present.

“Well, I confess the present was for myself. I’m so far from my home and my spouse that I chose to treat myself. And I am really happy I did!”

Valentina Valentine present
Valentina Valentine present

Original Valentine present

We always want new ideas. Surprising stuff, surprising moments. Because this is that makes a nice relationship even better.

Because we all heard it before: the magic of a relationship is in the details.

Time for a break! Not just “another dinner”. Not “just another diamond”! Wink!

This time we’ll share a jaw-dropping massage!

Valentine present in Barcelona

We just realised that one of use is named Valentina. It’s her names day, and also a day to celebrate together with her.

Valentina gives amazing massages. So she is worth each and every cent of euro you’ll pay for her sweetness and sensuality!

Try her and surprise your spouse. Our just yourself! Yes, this is also the perfect day to be selfish!

“My wife has different ideas. She would have never thought about giving me a massage like yours. Though this is exactly what I need!”

Valentine present to remember

“Two years ago we went on a short trip to Barcelona. We enjoyed Aitana’s and Laura’s amazing couples massage. We still remember them and the wonderful experience we had. The four of us! I wish we could celebrate each Valentine’s day with you!”

You will probably soon forget what you ordered in that fancy restaurant. What was the wine called? Was it in Madrid or in Ibiza?

Everybody who had a massage with us on a day like this does remember this sensual bodywork. We still get e-mails from customers we served long ago!

Book your Valentine present

It is as easy as calling us! Contact us to set up the perfect massage rendez-vous!

Now check our pictures and choose one or two professional masseuses for you. Alone or with your significant half!

If you fancy Valentina please book ahead of time! She’ll be soon booked out today!

See you soon!

Flawless massage

Flawless massage

Flawless massage is what many gentlemen wish to have. A perfect bodywork within a perfect service. When everything about our visit runs smooth, in harmony. And also with discretion and politeness you deserve.

Flawless massage service

“Your service has proved to be one of the best outcall massage services in the world. No tricks, reliable and performing a really flawless massage”.

This is our goal. We could not write a better description about our own service!

All of our expertise, our experience and our training is what we put on your massage. Yes, every time a gentleman is calling us we get nervous though. As if it was our first time.

We want to pelase you, impress you and give you exactly the pleasure you are looking for.

Flawless erotic massage

You found us because you are looking for erotic tantric massage. So this is our job, and we are proud of offering it. Our customers are the most demanding gentlemen though. We know we are facing a test every time we knock at a hotel door.

“It shows you like your job. You gave me a passionate and flawless massage. Thank you so much for your professional attitude!”

Our massages include body to body massage, lingam massage, prostate massage, including happy ending massage as well, and many other techniques.

See all our massage prices here!

Outcall flawless massage

We are mostly serving outcall massage though. Since many men think it’s more convenient to order a mobile massage. So we are ready to travel to your hotel!

It is as easy as you think: you obviously just need to call us and tell us your location. It also helps if you already know the massage menu you’d wish to enjoy. That’s it! We jump into a taxi and will be knocking at your door in no time.

We just need you to have in mind a few things though.

Flawless massage reservation

Plan ahead of time, especially if you think of a specific masseuse.

At night we have more calls. After 11 PM we are serving our best massages.

Now choose your favourite lady by visiting

Then call us at +34618580708

Or send us an SMS with the information we need to find you.

SMS: +34618580708

See you soon in Barcelona!

Romantic massage

Our Romantic massage is a very rare experience. It happens seldom though. And only when the customer is in this special mood. The mood of receiving with an open mind attitude though.

Why are we speaking about this? Is it somehow further related to our job of tantric massage?

Romantic massage

“Well what you gave me has been a truly romantic massage. I never had such an emotional experience with a masseuse. We had a very special connection. Not just sensual but spiritual. And emotional, dare I say!”

We sometimes get these amazing reviews. Some massage testimonials go far beyond from our own professional expectations. Though it is not just one of those…

“Perfect massage! Very hot!”

That first review has a very deep message. What do you think?

Sensual and romantic massage

When you use tantric techniques the result goes deeper. Some clients ask us:

“So what is the difference between a tantric massage and an erotic massage?”

It seems hard to understand though that tantric massage really achieves this emotional connection.

“I felt like falling in love. You are amazing in too many aspects. Not just in your job. I can hardly put my finger on it”.

Sensuality is something sweet, slow. It is somewhat inevitable when you perform a true mindful massage.

Erotic and romantic massage

Romantic is an asset not excluding sensuality though. Not even eroticism!

The more features one single massage can have, the better! And many things are not excluding. We are used to think in terms of

“If it is tender, it can’t be sexy”.

But, well, we do achieve to blend many different emotional and physical aspects. That’s why we call ourselves tantric masseuses.

We not only had the right training but we also have the right attitude.

This job is our calling! We love our job as well. Because we love massage!

“This encounter has been just awesome. I felt like I enjoyed much more than just a single massage. We had a lot of special stuff going n here!”

Book your romantic massage with us!

Don’t tempt fate! Plan ahead and make sure your favourite therapist is available for the time you wish to have your sensual experience!

Call erotic outcall massage: +34618580708

Or send us an SMS: +34618580708

Here you can choose your lady masseuse:

Romantic massage in Madrid

We also know some very sexy ladies in Madrid:

So check many other ladies on

See you soon!

Outcall Tantric massage

Outcall Tantric massage

Outcall Tantric massage is this convenient service. So directly to your hotel room. No hassle, no traffic, no time wasting around the city.

Tantric massage in a studio

Usually customers are asking for tantric massage in a studio or a massage parlour though.

The reason is not because it is more convenient. The true reason is the inertia or the tradition. Want a massage? So go to a studio. The regular answer with no thinking. Automated.

There are several studios in Barcelona and Madrid. Different decoration styles, from Buddhistic to New Age, from cheap to luxury. Pictures online can make you think you’ll be visiting an amazing spa, though the real thing is far from this.

“I could hear the customer in the next massage box. He was groaning so loud he ruined my own massage”.

Though we are now more and more often thinking out of the box. Tantric massage deserves the right atmosphere. And your full attention as well!

Outcall Tantric massage

So outcall massage is more and more the most frequent choice.

We can set up the same atmosphere in your hotel room. Candles, sandal, soft music, dimmed light. And of course the right ambiance of intimacy.

Your hotel room is the most private place. No cams, no disturbing sounds you can hear through the walls.

On top of all this, you can feel like home. So the space feels much more familiar and intimate.

And you have the amazing freedom of staying there after the massage session is over. Lay down, relax, forget about the world. Then you will be also free to take a shower much later. Many of our customers tell us they just fell asleep.

Erotic outcall Tantric massage

Tantric massage is almost a synonym of erotic bodywork. It is not always though! There are many Tantric “dakinis” who hardly tough you —and hardly let you touch them bach either. They do a very ritualised experience though. Only breathing techniques and Yoga positions are used. The “happy ending” is a fast masturbation coming “out of the blue”.

Our bodywork is extremely erotic. Very sensual, very hot. Our job is a new massage concept for your excitement, for your sexual stimulation and your sexual delight.

Meet us and you will enjoy an amazingly sexy massage. Of course all the wisdom and all our techniques are tantric, but our attitude is a very hot one.

“This has been an amazing experience. And the best massage I have ever had, not to mention in a hotel”.

Book your outcall Tantric massage

It is as easy as sending us an SMS with your request.

Please let us know at which hotel you are staying, the desired time for our appointment, and choose a massage price.

SMS: +34618580708

See you soon in Barcelona!

Two hours massage

Two hours massage

Two hours massage is the longest massage session we are offering nowadays. Though it is possible to stretch the session even to 3 hours. But let’s keep it this long for the time being. One of the reasons is the lady masseuse gets exhausted. We usually need to have a break and drink water every 90 minutes.

So what else is all included in a 120 minutes massage?

It is time now to take our hands. And follow us into an amazing landscape of sensual experiences! Finally! Yes, you deserve it.

Two hours massage

Oftentimes our customers tell us how stressed they are. Some say it with anguish, some others even with exhaustion.

“You know I’m so stressed in all departments of my life. Business and family both keep me working non stop, just for them. I need a break. A deep break. A total disconnection from everything. Some ‘me time’, as they say”.

And this is what we can give you.

The longer the massage session the deeper you will dive into a different ocean of peace and pleasure. It sounds obvious but we need to take some time to achieve these results.

Follow our steps, we will guide you into this amazing oasis of senses.

Where nothing else but you and me exists.

Two hours sensual massage

We always start with some sensual massage. The result is a very different bodywork from what you might be used to. There is no deep tissue, no pain and no stress.

All we do is peaceful and calm though. Because we want to build up a very intimate atmosphere.

The dimmed light, the scented sticks, the soft music and our whispering attitude. All these and more are seducing. It is like we are going to take you away from this world.

Two hours erotic massage

We use many erotic grips. Of course we will perform a massage, though a very soft and seducing one. The kind of bodywork that will get you aroused.

And wishing for more during all this time.

As you know, tantric massage uses the ejaculation control. It is relevant to stress this fact since this is the way we can achieve a much longer time of pleasure and enjoyment.

Though with us you can also achieve several orgasms, namely different kinds of climax. Clearly speaking, with and without ejaculation. They call it inner orgasms.

We use all the techniques we are describing on naked massage.

Please make sure to check all the massage prices and all the other massage options available.

You should have in mind we are an outcall massage service. Yet we can also offer you an erotic massage studio, but please call us with some advance.

Book your two hours massage

So call us. We can offer you many benefits over all other services. If you already tried the other agencies give us a try. You’ll stick with us as many others did before.

Call +34618580708

OR send us an SMS +34618580708

On our website you’ll be able to choose your favourite lady among us all:

See you soon!