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  • Erotic outcall massage

    Erotic outcall massage is the ideal Tantra massage! First off, our outcall massage service is the most reliable service in Barcelona! Said by our clients! We also have a massage parlor. Though we can also offer you the special privilege or having us visit you in your hotel room. Erotic outcall massage Erotic massage means the […]

  • Summer massage

    Summer massage is different from the winter massage styles. We feel different stuff during the warmest and the hottest time in the year. Both emotionally and physically. So massage therapy should adapt to our mood! Even sensual massages need a different approach in summer! Summer massage means… Ladies get suddenly slimmer, and not so suddenly sexier… […]

  • Love, sex and company

    Love, sex and company are three different things. We sometimes assume they come together in the same package. While to many other men —and ladies— they are separate experiences. And sometimes we need three different people to have them all! Love, sex and company Three different emotions. So three different people needed, sometimes! “I have a […]

  • The new outcall massage in Ibiza

    Enjoy the best outcall massage in Ibiza during this Summer! As you will soon realise, this is a very convenient service! You’ll save lots of time and stress. If you like erotic massage this is the real thing! And the good news is you can have it right in your own hotel room. This is […]

  • Urban massage Barcelona

    Urban massage Barcelona

    Urban massage Barcelona is what many gentlemen are requesting. Why the hell are they using this name though? If you are a massage therapist please contact us. Our team needs to expand with more excellent female professional masseuses! While if you are a customer, please go on reading! Urban massage Because big cities usually offer […]

  • Etiquette for outcall massage

    Etiquette for outcall massage —is it really used as it should? There are some do’s and don’ts professional masseuses need to know. Especially when serving outcall massages to hotels! We are the most elegant and reliable erotic massage service in Barcelona and in Madrid. Because we know about etiquette! Proof is we are serving the […]

  • Out-call massage benefits

    Out-call massage benefits

    So out-call massage benefits are too many to resist! Since we are proficient in serving hotels in the area of Barcelona. We also have some very good friends in Madrid. And in Ibiza and Valencia, for example. Please scroll down to check them as well. Out-call massage benefits We can’t stress enough the fact that outcall […]

  • Valentine present

    Choosing a Valentine present is sometimes difficult! First, because we might have used all the good ideas before. And also because the best ideas are really expensive. Are you buying an Apple iPhone 7 or a luxury Apple Watch to your fiancé? If you know what she really fancies, you might pull your hair. Yes, […]

  • Flawless massage

    Flawless massage is what many gentlemen wish to have. A perfect bodywork within a perfect service. When everything about our visit runs smooth, in harmony. And also with discretion and politeness you deserve. Flawless massage service “Your service has proved to be one of the best outcall massage services in the world. No tricks, reliable […]

  • Romantic massage

    Our Romantic massage is a very rare experience. It happens seldom though. And only when the customer is in this special mood. The mood of receiving with an open mind attitude though. Why are we speaking about this? Is it somehow further related to our job of tantric massage? Romantic massage “Well what you gave me […]