Massage for couples

Massage for couples is the most special experience to share with your significant half. Your girlfriend, spouse or long time relationship deserves to share and discover with you the world of intimacy. Erotic massage is able to re-connect you or to even deeper in your sense of complicity.


Couple massage in your hotel room

First off, couples deserve only the best! This is why we are offering you and your significant half the most intimate, so the hottest and the spiciest erotic bodywork available.

As you guess, this therapy is the highest in our range of massage eroticism, according to our increasing intensity scale.

Couple massage: one or two masseuses?

Of course you can also choose how intense you want to experience this extremely hot massage.

Please note there is a logical difference in the prices between being served by one masseuse or by two masseuses.

One masseuse serving a couple takes 1.5 times the individual massage price. And 2 masseuses —or a female and a male masseur— obviously take twice the individual price.

You’ll soon understand that an individual service can’t compare to a service involving more receivers and more therapists.

60 minutes Extremely Erotic massage for couples

This massage is for all kinds of couples: straight couples and bisexual couples. The 90 minutes session is logically able to fulfill a wider range of erotic fantasies and for both of you enjoy a longer time of a truly special “ménage à trois” session.

The couple session is about sensuality and eroticism, and we can deal personally the protocol that suits you best: who will I be starting with? Is one of you just receiving the massage? Do you prefer focusing on giving the massage to just one of you guys? Will we be switching the focus on either of you? We can set up a session to work on specific aspects of your sensuality. Complicity is a way of communicating and we can use it to establish a certain role play to please you both.

You also have two options. Choosing only one lady to serve you at the same time. And then ordering two female masseuses. The first option —to share for both of you— the price is not twice but just 1.5 times.

Massage for couples

You can choose many different ways to be served though. So you can decide sharing one lady. But you can also order two ladies. Finally, you can even pick a lady and a male masseur. Please ask us about male masseurs since we also work with straight and bisexual masseurs.

The best way is contacting us!

One masseuse for your couples massage

As the name describes, one therapist will be serving you the way you prefer: both of you at the same time. Or maybe first your spouse and then yourself? Of course you can speak to your masseuse and set up the ideal session for your enjoyment. Because we stress the fact we’d like to adapt to your personal preferences!

350 € — 60 minutes

500 € — 90 minutes

700 € — 120 minutes

The erotic intensity and the features correspond to the naked Extremely Erotic massage menu.

Two masseurs for your couples massage

Two therapists will be serving you: so two ladies or a lady and young man —or even two men if you wish. Consequently each one of you will have a masseuse to enjoy an amazingly intimate massage. Additionally, sometimes the ladies accept to switch at halfway massage time! Doesn’t this feel sexy!

500 € — 60 minutes

750 € — 90 minutes

1000 € — 120 minutes

As you guess, the level of erotic intensity and the features correspond to the highest one! So the naked Extremely Erotic massage menu.


  • Erotic shower —in 90 and 120 minutes sessions
  • Taxis in Barcelona city center
  • Ladies are naked
  • You are allowed to touch your masseuse
  • Sensual massage
  • Full body massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Testicle massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Yoga Tantra positions
  • Happy ending

You can obviously stress one of these or ask to remove any of these!

Individual massages

Therese are our individual therapies (for one person): Relaxing massageErotic massage or Extremely Erotic massage

Call or send us an SMS with your request: contact us!

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Finally, if you can’t find a very specific lady please call us. Because we know more ladies than the ones advertising here!