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We are the most reliable out-call massage service

Though this is what our customers say!

Of course it has also been out goal, and we seem to achieve it with every session we perform.

What is out-call massage Barcelona?

Also known as hotel massage, this term means we travel to your hotel or private apartment.

So will serve you at your location.

So you will be enjoying a benefit!

The masseuse you choose will perform the erotic massage in your room. She will proceed to your room with total discretion since we are no escorts. We dress as regular young ladies do.

Erotic bodywork

Erotic bodywork is a special treat. The goal is fulfilling your desire of sensual and intimate stimulation.

Of course you can achieve climax and release. Because this is a very natural side-effect of our tantric techniques.

With us it happens in a very spontaneous way. We never force you to release.

Hotel massage benefits

Serving hotels needs some specific assets we also master to perfection:





Speaking languages

Save time!

Save taxis!

We always respect your personal preferences.

We never intrude in your personal space and time.

Massage timings

Our massage sessions take at least 60 minutes. Though you can also choose a 45, 75, 90 or 120 minutes session.

It depends on your personal schedule. But also on your will to explore a larger amount of erotic grips.

Please check the different Massage menus and prices.

Hotel Massage Barcelona, and also in Madrid and more!

We can serve you in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. During Spring and Summer season we will also serve you in Ibiza!

Hotel massage in Dubai

Many of our premium customers are coming from the Emirates, Qatar and Dubai.

So some of our ladies are spending some time in Dubai.

Needless to say that our customers are also our fans!

Hotel massage description

Our out-call massage service is easy to use. As easy as calling or sending an SMS.

Please follow this one step express booking.

1. Choose your lady

First of all please note you are free to choose your perfect masseuse. We all are the best in Spain!

Choose by selecting the city you are now: Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza/Eivissa, or Valencia.

2. Choose your massage menu

We can offer you 3 different erotic massage intensities and 5 different session lengths.

3. When?

It is important to know at what time you need us ti visit you.

Please let us know also any additional decisions or preferences.

4. Massage description

You will find specific and detailed information about the protocols by checking the specific massage menus pages: Relaxing massage, Medium erotic with optional prostate massage, Extremely erotic massage, erotic shower. You cal also enjoy a couple massage sharing it with yous spouse, lover or friend.


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